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An Excellent Accelerant

Release Date: August 11, 2017
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Released in August 2017, An Excellent Accelerant demonstrates Fiesta Melon’s collective growth as a band; raising the creative bar and showcasing their songwriting versatility while never straying too far from their unique brand of rock.  From hook-laden, radio friendly anthems (Awkward Moments, Umchaboogie), and Reggae-tinged ballads (I’m Tired, Dynamite Boy) to epic sea shanties (Captain, the Kraken) and twisting prog-rock adventures (Lost & Found, Lil’ Sebastian), the 12 tracks on An Excellent Accelerant are an exciting ride from beginning to end.


“Fiesta Melon’s new album is truly something special.”

“Full of energy, spunk and an eclectic mix of flavors…they’ve managed to create a dense and layered listening experience.”  “Exhibiting a high level of technical skill and conceptual knowledge, the band’s sound is very unique and incredibly original.”

“Channeling a Pink Floyd/Yes type sound on songs like Lost & Found, it’s evident this band is unafraid to experiment.

“…honest and relatable lyrics…”

“…there is certainly something for everyone here.”

—High on Spirts