"From the Borough of Col. Tyng Himself comes a new rock sound that, if bottled and mass produced, COULD SAVE THE WORLD!"

With the April 2014 release of their first full-length album Frenetics, psychedelic indie-rockers Fiesta Melon established themselves as pioneers of an exciting new sound. Fusing rock guitar with dance beats, synthesizers and samplers, Fiesta Melon creates catchy, honest songs-suggesting a range of influences from Talking Heads to Spoon-via memorable hooks, lush harmonies and textured soundscapes.
Recorded at Q Division Studios (Pixies, Skrillex, Fountains of Wayne) in Boston, MA and The Space in Lowell, MA. Frenetics has garnered great reviews and regional radio play.
Formed in Boston, MA in late 2012, Fiesta Melon is the brain-child of Keith Valcourt (singer/bass) and Justin Pilat (singer/guitars/keyboards); friends and musical conspirators since they were fourteen years old. Having spent years creating music together, Keith and Justin share a passion for connecting with people through music and have an uncanny knack for complementing each others' stylistic leanings. With the addition of Kevin Madden (singer/guitars/synth) and Ryan Allgrove (drums), who have also been friends since their teen years, the bands' sound coalesced as these four "Melons" each brought their unique skills to the mix. Fiesta Melon quickly began gaining a local buzz attributed to their fun, high-energy live performances with improvisational tendencies that often include unexpected twists and turns; keeping audiences engaged and waiting to find out what is coming next.
Honing their craft of performance, Fiesta Melon has played throughout New England, sharing the stage with national acts like Rustic Overtones and Organically Good Trio (Slightly Stoopid), as well as local favorites like Otis Grove, Amulus, People Skills, Superfrog, Todo Bien and more.
In late 2015, after a year of steady expansion and growth, the Melon added piano/keyboard extraordinaire Mark Fabrizio into the fold as the bands' sound evolved and arrangements became more dynamic and complex. Fabrizio's playing adds a layer of depth that ranges from subtle and dynamic to raw and powerful.
With a batch of fresh material and a new album set for release in the Fall/Winter of 2016, Fiesta Melon continues to build on the do-it-yourself ethos of the modern independent artist. Committed to spreading the good word of the Melon to the masses, Fiesta Melon will playing more live shows in 2016 than any previous year and marketing/promoting the new album extensively in the coming months. Come out to a show and say hello!

What the press is saying about Fiesta Melon/Frenetics:

"Fiesta Melon is a refreshing treat that will leave you wanting more."
"(Frenetics) grabs you from the first track and holds your attention until the last"
"…honest and personal lyrics are seasoned with well thought out harmonies, inventive arrangements, and succinct, tasty, powerful, and thoroughly appropriate guitar solos that display a craftsmanship rarely seen."
"…the listener will find Talking Heads/Pixies inventiveness, Panic! At the Disco melodicism, dashes of Motörhead style '70s hard rock/punk, and nods to classic '80s garage bands that will please Bostonians who were active during that era."
​​​​​​-​Marc Friedman - The Noise, Boston, October 2014

"Fiesta Melon releases Frenetics and the crowd goes F@#% wild!"
- Full Scene Ahead, May 2014

"…a highly inventive set of originals…"
"…catchy, trippy melody lines ala ever-subtle synthesizer lines that don't give up and outstanding lead guitar work."
"The best tracks are radio ready-to-roll: the wacky "Atomic Tangerine", the hook filled "Upper Lip Bite Test" and the quantified new age rocker "Hit me on the Run"…Good stuff man!"
- Metronome Magazine, July 2014

"The uncontrollable urge to urge to smile and wink back are completely normal…brought on by the raucous brand of indie rock that (Fiesta Melon) blasted at the Rosebud crowd."
- – KC Hoye – UNregular Radio Blog 2013